Listen to collaborative playlist, follow ups on comebacks & debuts, and learn about Korean culture!

Our mission is to bring interest to the smaller bands of K-pop and discussing Korean language and culture. K-pop is a global phenomenon that brings people together, and we’d like to create a passionate, diverse community to reflect such aspects on campus.

Add songs you would like to hear on the Spotify playlist!
The playlist will change per-meeting so feel free to add multiple requests! The earliest will be put on the playlist first and the rest will be saved for a later week!


Welcome to the offical page of the WCU Kpop Club <3
Kpop ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Dancing 🍡
Culture ☆
Community ✧


We will have separate meetings for dancing, and it is optional! Even If you can't dance it is all for fun and you can join if you want! We will be doing activities such as random dance plays, tiktoks and some other things as well!

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Please take this short google form so we can get more information about what everyone wants to do in this club!

Meet Our Officals 🍬🍡

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이름 + Mar ✮ President ✮
이름 + Alex ✤ Vice President ✤
이름 + Hana ❥ Treasurer ❥
이름 + Jenna ❦ Secretary ❦

++ If you have any questions feel free to email any of us or reach out on our socials :)